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Let’s get right down to it.  We specialize in helping companies and individuals establish their digital marketing footprint.  We strategically utilize a website we have built for you, to help you connect with thousands of customers locally or worldwide!

If you want our help, we can help expose you and your company in the physical and virtual world. Utilizing the power of marketing, branding, social and web design to create a market and build your digital vision.

Because our content writer was feeling a bit punchy, permission was granted to let you know that we promise not to sell you anything you don’t need! An additional $49 monthly subscription fee isn’t worth risking the integrity of the company.
Part of that no-bullshit thing we’ve got going on here!

web design


Graphic / logo Design


social media marketing

e-book publishing

e-book trailers



we’ve got you covered

If you are starting from the ground up or need a whole new re-branded image, we’ve got you covered.

Let us help you create the public definition of your brand by creating instantly recognizable graphics and phrases to be used in all client-facing materials and marketing.  Let us help you define your desired market position and develop branding to support it.  Your branding will create a specific emotional response from your target market. A consistent brand identity is vital for consumers to trust and consume your band.

a small sampling of our work

  • I highly recommend Wilson Digital Labs for your Social Media and Digital Marketing! Robin is so wonderful to work with! She calms your social media anxiety and advises people with great expertise and caring. Just love working with Robin!

    Lesa Fichte LMSW, ACSW, Director of Continuing Education at University at Buffalo School of Social Work
  •  “When working with people who are involved in “social-media” I am always doubtful and curious about what they really do. Many social-media consultants just have high numbers of followers and offer hollow and useless information. Robin is NOT one of those people. My interactions, conversations, and the services that Robin has offered have increased my value in the following ways; – Increase in market saturation; Meaning that I am able to reach and increase the trust that people have in the services I offer. – Increase in profits (because I am not wasting money on low return marketing) – using Robin's advice and ideas the value I offer to clients is better articulated and reachable; Meaning that I make more money. – Increase in connections and friends to share best practices; Meaning that I can ask tough questions and have knowledgeable professionals answer and make me better. Robin’s hands on nature and ability to cater social-media to people’s individual skills and level of understanding makes her valuable, and why I will continue to ask her questions and be developed by her influence.”

    Michael Cardus Team Building and Leadership Consultant at Create-Learning WNY
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